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Delivering real-time Identity Assurance to your website visitors.

TrustLogo® removes a major barrier to successful e-commerce: the lack of the ability to verify the trust between a website and its visitors.

Powered by the Internet's only real-time Identity Assurance infrastructure (Comodo operated IDAuthority®), TrustLogo® delivers trust, confidence and peace of mind to your customers.

TrustLogo® helps achieve what is currently unavailable - an e-commerce environment in which website visitors are assured they are dealing with legitimate organizations.

Try our TrustLogo®

Just hover your mouse over a TrustLogo® to see credentials served directly from IDAuthority®(Trusted Third Party) infrastructure in real-time for up to the second validity!

The TrustLogo® is provided for your customers to see on this website.

Key Features

  • Trusted third party validation of a website identity
  • IDAuthority® - no click is required by your visitors, they just point on the logo for an up to the second real-time site identity assurance request
  • Extended site credentials available to customers who require a more detailed report of who you are
  • Unlimited verifications for your site - you pay a one off annual fee
  • Unique feedback facility - see how many customers need to validate your identity every day!

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